Personal Styling Services

Personal Style is exactly that: an individual's self-expression. We all need assistance from time to time though, to figure out how best to dress for our own body shape, colouring and unique personality. The main focus of my personal styling is to help empower every client to be confident in the way they present themselves and to develop a classic, usable and lasting wardrobe.

I offer a range of styling services for men and women for casual, formal or professional purposes or complete wardrobe redesign. I offer Skype consultations and personal shopping services as well as in-home consultations.

Please browse the packages below and contact me for pricing or to discuss a tailored consultation. 


Wardrobe Edit - Wardrobe Assessment and Overhaul

Package inclusions:

Style Consultation (1 hour): I come to your home (or I can consult over Skype) to talk through how your currently feel about your image, what you’re struggling with when it comes to your wardrobe and how you would like to feel about your image. I discuss how best to dress for your body shape and colouring.

Wardrobe Edit (minimum 3 hours): After the style consultation, I assess your wardrobe and discuss pieces that work, and what it is about those pieces that make them successful. I look at items that aren't working for you and assess why, so as to avoid making the same clothing mistakes in the future. Then I assist you to identify the gaps in your wardrobe and guide you to make confident shopping decisions in the future.

Follow-up Style Guide: Together we compile a personalised Style Guide outlining the ideas covered in the consultation and wardrobe edit. I recommend tips on how to dress for your body shape, your colouring and your personality. I provide recommendations for pieces to complete your wardrobe and suggest how to make smart purchasing decisions in the future. 


Package Pricing: From $450



Professional Styling - The Art of Power Dressing and Navigating Professional Dressing Etiquette

In your professional life, your image is your trademark. How you present yourself to potential employers or clients can influence their impression of your professional capabilities. Professional dressing etiquette is subtle yet a potential minefield through which I can help you navigate.

For professional men and women, this package comprises a complete image assessment and style consultation, wardrobe edit and sourcing or personal shopping. This is perfect for those getting back into the workforce, time-poor professionals or those just wanting to update their current wardrobe. I explain how to better understand professional dressing etiquette and what to wear for different professional occasions.

Package inclusions:

- Style Consultation (1-2 hours)

Wardrobe Edit (minimum 3 hours)

- Style Concept (4-5 hours): Based on our consultation and wardrobe edit, I devise a visual style reference board to give an idea of the new style we are looking to create. 

Personal Shopping (allow 1-5 days)

Fitting and Outfit Planning (2-4 hours)

Follow-up Style Guide

Package Pricing: From $750


The Works - Full Style and Image Transformation

Whatever you stage in life, be it preparing to enter the workforce, needing an image update post-kids, finding a new style after a break-up or just wanting to know how to dress for your age, stage or needing a whole new image, this package gives you everything you need to look and feel your best.

Package inclusions:

- Style consultation (1-2 hours)

Wardrobe edit and Colour Analysis (minimum 3 hours)

Style Concept (4-5 hours)

Personal Shopping (allow 1-5 days)

Fitting and Outfit Planning (2-4 hours)

Wardobe Integration (up to 4 hours): Here I integrate the new pieces into your wardrobe and show you how to incorporate them into your existing wardrobe to best effect.

Follow-up Style Guide

Package Pricing: From $950